for my husband

photo: author

I was thinking about a walk with you
in Highland Park, quite spontaneously
we wrapped our arms around two trees
not the lilacs or pines, deeper in the woods

We held their thick trunks, our arms
not nearly able to complete the circle
we felt so strongly in our…

My husband wrote about wanting to go back to a time where he felt like he would live forever — before mortality climbed on his back and taunted him with threats of a drooling stroke and a massive heart attack. He couldn’t shake it off. He worried he would die…

In another two days, he will have been dead for three weeks. I read this sentence over for comprehension. I have been thinking about the micro-chip cat door. I have no clue how to change that battery when the time comes. I put the snowblower manual on my reading list…

Lise Kunkel

for the love of the written word. Pronouns she/her

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